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Air cover modís by Ducks

The way that the cover modification works is easy. You ship your covers to me. I will then cut out a design that we talk about, Install the mesh behind the design and ship them back to you. I have some set designs that I have already done but I can work with you on designs. Some custom work will be more than regular designs if it takes more time to design and cut than most of the others. We have to talk to finalize a design that you want to have done before any payment is due. I donít offer LEDís because I donít rip people off, you can go to Harbor freight and get them for $10 yourself and save. I have the prices below.


$275 starting price for chrome covers and $300 for black Boss covers.
Shipping charge (US only) - $15
Overseas work you need to contact me for shipping price


Mesh colors (Chrome, Black, Blue and Red)

Core Fee Covers:

I currently only have M109 cores in stock.

These are take offs, not brand new covers. They may have normal wear on them.

Please check with me if I have any available.

Core charge fee $150 (in addition to design work)
International Core charge fee $175 (in addition to design work)

*International rates are higher due to me losing a set of Core Fee covers in most cases.

*Core fee is refunded after I get your covers scratch free back. They must be returned within two weeks or you forfeit the money. International customers I will give a little more time due to shipping time.

For shipping my address is:
Len Heffron
8168 Shadbush lane
Clay Ny 13041

Payment Options

New York residence need to pay 8% sales tax.

My paypal is duckscovers@yahoo.com

Money Orders
Money orders must be made payable to Len Heffron

Do not send your covers or money until the design and price a finalized with me first!

If you are sending me your stock covers, in the package please include a return address, your name, design requested and payment. If using paypal please include your paypal name for verification of payment.

For a price quote, please use our contact form and fill out all required information. If you have any general questions, you can contact me at duckscovers@yahoo.com. Please make sure you you put something about the covers in the subject box so that I donít think it is spam.

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